Hypnoanalysis – whether in Bournemouth, Dorset or elsewhere – concerns itself with finding the route cause of your difficulties and removing it.

Typically at the end of a course of hypnoanalysis (also known as analytical hypnotherapy) – people make comments such as:

·    “I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders”
·    “I feel more emotionally stable”
·    “Many things that used to disturb me don’t bother me at all”
·    “I feel much happier and more confident”
·    “I never realised how much was in there that needed to come out”
·    “Everyone would benefit from a course of this therapy – it should be taught in school”

If you were not born with your particular difficulty or issue, something must have caused it. Every symptom has a cause – remove the cause and you remove the symptom along with the possibility of it returning later.

The process of Bournemouth hypnoanalysis and Dorset hypnoanalysis includes releasing pent up emotion. It’s an opportunity to share all the emotional and painful experiences from your life, particularly childhood, to your hypnotherapist. Some of which you may have forgotten about.

If emotion is not allowed to express itself and gets bottled up, it WILL find a way to seep out sideways later – and this is what causes anxiety.

For example, a six-year-old is asked by her teacher to come to the front of the class and read out loud. Many people would find that quite traumatic and could easily link it in later life when the boss tells them they have 10 minutes to prepare a Power Point presentation for a host of executives.

Years down the line, after the girl has grown up, she can develop social anxiety and phobias from this. When emotions get bottle up inside us, they cause us problems in later life as they seep out sideways.

How does a hypnoanalyst get emotions out?

Actually the hypnoanalyst doesn’t. They simply provide a safe place for you to do that.

The analyst will induce a light state of hypnosis, something equivalent to you lazing on the couch on a Sunday afternoon. Each memory is unearthed which link back to the originating cause. Once there, the bottled up emotion is released.

Because there is now no emotional trigger, you are no longer affected by a similar event.

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