Overcome Your Fears with Phobia Treatment in Bournemouth.

Phobia Treatment Bournemouth Hypnotherapy including Dorset Area“My heart starts beating so fast… it feels like it’s going to explode. My throat closes and I can’t breathe. I start to choke. My hands start sweating. I get so dizzy I have to hold onto furniture or the wall to keep from falling. I feel like I’m going to die. I want to run, but I don’t know where.”

The reaction above describes how many people feel when suffering from phobias. Wherever you are, Dolphin Hypnotherapy’s effective phobia treatment in Bournemouth can help you to overcome your fears. 

Phobia is a word used to describe a group of symptoms brought about by exposure to a feared object or situation. People can develop phobic reactions to all sorts of things, such as certain animals (like spiders), activities (flying), or social situations (like eating out).

Phobias can affect people of all ages from all walks of life, regardless of their cultural background or professional status. They are the most common form of psychological illness amongst women and the second most common psychological illness amongst men over 25 years old.

How to overcome your phobias

ALL phobias are the result of an inner anxiety focused on a thing or situation. They can be beaten!

Phobias usually respond very well to hypnoanalysis or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – two areas we specialize in. Phobias and fears in the Bournemouth and Dorset area, are no different to those found all over the world. What is different however, is our phobia treatment Bournemouth, which is personalized especially for you, by our senior consultant.

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Phobia Symptoms

Phobias can hamper your ability to work, socialize, and even perform daily tasks. They may focus on something as common as germs, or they may surface whenever you leave the comfort zone of your own home.

A phobia that interferes with the performance of simple daily tasks can create severe distress and should be treated.

Phobia symptoms include:

·    Feelings of panic, disgust, dread, terror or horror
·    A recognition that the fear experienced is far in excess of any normal reaction to the real threat of danger
·    Automatic and uncontrollable reactions, which can take over the person’s thoughts
·    Rapid heartbeat, irregular breathing, shaking and other physical reactions associated with fear, together with an overwhelming urge to escape the situation
·    Radical measures taken to avoid the feared object or situation

When such avoidance causes distress or hampers someone’s ability to work, socialize, or take care of day-to-day needs, help should be sought.

List of phobias

Think your phobia is unusual? Never heard of anyone else with the same issue? There are hundreds of different phobias and they all have a name, so perhaps your phobia is not as obscure as you thought.

Common phobias include:

·    Acrophobia – fear of heights, which can include a fear of flying
·    Arachnophobia – fear of spiders
·    Claustrophobia – fear of enclosed spaces or of being trapped
·    Emetophobia – fear of vomiting (being sick or seeing someone be sick)
·    Mysophobia – fear of germs or dirt, which may be associated with OCD
·    Ophidiophobia – fear of snakes (Snake phobia)
·    Social phobias

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