Hypnosis in Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset.

Undergo suggestion hypnosis in the Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset areaSuggestion hypnosis in Bournemouth, Dorset or elsewhere is all about sending positive suggestions into your unconscious mind, whilst in a relaxing hypnotic trance.

The unconscious mind is part of your memory, wisdom and perception that you’re unaware of at any one time. It contains all your potential and hidden power, it’s where your habits and self image are stored and where they can be changed.

We are subjected to many “suggestions” every day. Most of these, are filtered out, by our conscious mind, which is a good thing, otherwise every time we heard an advert we would be compelled to rush out and buy something!

What Happens During Hypnosis Treatment?

In hypnosis, the conscious mind is much more docile and if for your benefit, suggestions can bypass conscious filter and embed directly in the unconscious. Whilst in hypnosis the conscious filter is more dormant, it always remains present to some degree and therefore no harm can ever come to you during hypnosis.

There are two types of suggestion hypnosis – direct and indirect Direct suggestion is a traditional method where positive instructions are simply spoken in a powerful way to the patient whilst in a deep and refreshing hypnotic trance.

Indirect (nlp) hypnotic suggestion, is more subtle and utilises stories, analogies and metaphors to bring about the required changes. This method is extremely clever and effective, (see NLP for more information).

Why Is Suggestion Hypnosis With Dolphin Hypnotherapy So Effective?

If someone tells you something, you will make a decision as to whether to accept what has been heard as true, or to reject it as false. However when you hear a story about something that happened to someone else in a similar situation to yourself, what you hear is much more likely to be accepted. This in a nutshell, is how indirect suggestion hypnosis works.

Stories in themselves are hypnotic. Books and movies are stories and are therefore hypnotic, if you are a science fiction fan you will probably remember being mesmerised by Star Wars, yet you know, that none of it, actually ever happened.

Dolphin Hypnotherapy Practice are the leaders in suggestion hypnosis in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset and this type of hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in helping you:

·    Stop smoking
·    Control weight
·    Stop biting nails
·    Overcome phobias and fears (such as fear of flying)
·    Improve sports performance
·    Beat exam nerves
·    Beat driving test nerves
·    Remove stress
·    Control pain
·    Gain confidence and self-esteem

For suggestion hypnosis in Bournemouth, and surrounding areas, and to book a hypnotherapy session with our expert hypnotist Mr Trevor Roberts contact Dolphin Hypnotherapy now.

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